Website Translation. Simplified.

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Go live quickly

Multilingual websites can be launched in as little as 30 days

Nothing to install

OneLink requires no software integration or installation

Virtually no IT involvement

Reduce or ELIMINATE the need to integrate with a
CMS, database, or other back-end systems

Automated Change Detection

OneLink monitors your website for updates
and submits new or changed content for translation


We are the world’s first and only fully PCI DSS certified solution, so you can rest comfortably knowing that your customer's data is protected by the highest recognized security standards

GlobalLink solutions are designed to ELIMINATE
common pain points often cited in the localization process.

So what are you waiting for?

Give it a try now!

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1 Enter a URL
2 Select a Language
3See the Results!


Common Reactions to a OneLink Demo

1) Egads! The language quality is terrible!

a. Yes – we know. This is machine translation for demo purposes. In a real project we would use qualified, subject matter experts to translate your content and keep it on brand.

2) Yowzah! Some of the stuff on the page didn’t translate!

a. Rest easy. Some elements require a little additional work on our end (like graphics and complex scripting). All of this gets taken care of by us for a live implementation.

3) Holy Schikes! Is this magic?

a. Yes. We use proprietary magic to deliver translated websites.
(We don’t, but it’s so simple that is sure looks that way)